Upcycling workshop in mixed teams

Topic: Every day should be performed.  Make a dress for your daily spectacle.

“Fast fashion” is a new name for the old and most known “programmed obsolescence”. The current behaviour of the market, “buying, using and throwing” is damaging our planet.

 Up cycling is the process of converting old or discarded materials into something useful and often beautiful. Up cycling gives an item a better purpose, refashioning it.

Nowadays, it is very important to raise awareness about that.

 Especially, all new , fresh students becoming emerging designers and pattern makers are working in this direction and we couldn’t work differently.

 OSZ prepared for our Erasmus students a super exciting activity related with Up cycling.

 Students, all from different nationalities, were gathered in groups, in a room, for a certain period of time.

 Each of the groups were given a suitcase, full of materials, fabrics, trims, some old garments and a letter with instructions. They were to create a full refashioned look with all that. The best look won a price.

 They had the chance to interact with different students from different schools and nationalities, express themselves in a common language, work as a team with a common objective and implement  their creativity and originality.

 All teams did an exceptional job! Impressive in every sense!

 Thanks to the teachers involved in organizing an activity that transmits such a  message full of values so important in today’s  society.

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